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Visual Aid
To work on my habit of mind, I, once again, talked to people at my church to ease talking to strangers. I am much more comfortable talking to strangers now. I also called a Neurologist for my career project, and I was nervous at first, but I got more confident as I kept talking.
My weakest habit of mind was taking responsible risks. At church, I introduced myself to people I hadn't met before, as talking to people I didn't know was hard for me. Also, when I was in Boise, I met over 50 new people, and am great friends with them now, as documented by my Facebook account and cell phone. I am much more confident talking to people now. I will continue to introduce myself to people I don't know at my church until I can feel 100% comfortable with talking to strangers. (That are safe, of course.)

My volunteer experience, an 11 sentence paragraph. (Final Draft)
In ECS this quarter, we were asked to volunteer. I volunteered for my parish and my family, helping set up and take down, and eased my parent's burden. First, helping out with my church had a lot of benefits, like the fact that I wasn't bored at all. Instead of sitting in church forcing myself to pay attention, I could get up and walk around (when it was appropriate). It made it easier for me to actually listen to what was being said, and I felt happy about being able to help. Second, when I helped out at my house, I noticed how my parents were in better moods. We got done with all of the chores much faster so that we could watch a movie as a family. There was a drawback to helping- I had less time to do my math homework. (Even though I ended up finishing it.) Finally, I plan to give back to my community by helping out with the K of C (eventually) and helping whenever is possible. If I ever find out about an organization that needs help, I will try to be a value to them. If I make a lot of money, I'll take a week off and help out at organizations and be like a real life Undercover Millionaire. That was my volunteer experience!
Mr. Agamenoni is very fast at remembering strange stories of his past.... either that or he's SUPER creative.
In Quest Atlantis, we us a lot of habits of mind, and these are what I think are the three most important ones that we use in it.

First, is Thinking Flexibly. We have to use different ways of thinking in every single one of the missions I've done so far. With the NASA mission we did at the beginning of last year, I learned a ton about space. I learned that the section of NASA that works on meteorites only got about .1% of NASA's budget. I had to really think about how small their budget is, yet they had enough money to do all that research.

Second, Remaining Open to Continuous Learning is very important. In Quest Atlantis, we are subject to a LOT of new information. Sometimes it's just too easy to continually click "Next." We need to always pay attention to things that Atlantians tell us, as it will probably come up later in a constructed response.

Third, we need to be able to Question and Problem Pose. Sometimes Quest Atlantis is confusing, and we need to ask questions to figure out what a character is asking for. Sometimes we have no idea what we need to do next, or we get lost. Quest Atlantis, like all computer programs, has glitches, and we need to be able to either figure it out or ask for help.

Those are what I think are the three most important habits of mind that we use in Quest Atlantis.
1.) About 30 years ago, doctors Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick studied successful people at ASCD and came up with 16 habits that they practiced.

2.) The 5 most important habits of mind to me are:
a.) Persistence-this is important because if life gets you down and you can't get back up, then there's no way that you can succeed. We have to keep trying, even if it never seems to work.
b.) Thinking Flexibly- This helps you get along with people better- try to see into their world, and you can get along very well with them.
c.) Metacognating- If we know how we think (which always changes), then there's almost no limit to what we can teach ourselves.
d.) Taking Responsible Risks- you could be the smartest person in the world, but if you can't take any risks, then you won't get ANYWHERE.
e.) Remaining Open to Continuous Learning- we have to be ready to learn all the time. We learn from everything, and if we aren't open to that, then we won't be ready to face the world.

3.) I think that my worst habit is Taking Responsible Risks. Getting out of my comfort zone terrifies me, and even though I try, sometimes it's a little too much for me. Things that I don't know scare me, and even though I try my best to not let it show, when I'm out of my comfort zone, I'm extremely nervous and terrified. This year I will try to talk to people and be more outgoing, and try to convince myself that I will be absolutely fine, and that it's a learning process- I will learn from it.
Letter To Mom:
Ingolstadt, February 8th, 2012
Dear Mom,
How are you? Doing well? Things in Ingolstadt are divided. Some citizens support Dr. Frank's decisions, other disagree. Those who support what Dr. Frank is doing believe that his 'creature' can be sacrificed if it saves the community. That it's not human, so it can't have human rights. They also think that the creature is too dangerous to be set free. The plague is destroying the town, they believe, so there is no time to waste. They think that Victor Frank is their last hope. People who believe this want to keep experimenting on the creature, and that Dr. Frank will find a cure.
Those who disagree with Dr. Frank say that he has no legal rights to be experimenting on his 'creature.' They think it's immoral to sacrifice this life for the sake of others. They belive that Dr. Frank is unstable, and can't quite be trusted with such a big job. They think that it's not our only hope, and that it has human rights as well. People who believe this want Dr. Frank to stop experimenting, and find some other way to stop the plague.
I hope that you're doing well,
I strongly agree that the doctor should continue to experimenting on the creature. Last year, I read a story about something similar to this, involving 6 newborn babies. They began to get seizures, and slowly got sicker and sicker. One by one, more newborns got sick from a disease that they couldn't figure out. It got to a dire point where the babies only had a day or two to live, and the doctors made the choice to randomly select two babies, and give on the treatment for MRSA, and the other the treatment for Echo 11. The baby that was treated for MRSA died, saving the other 5 babies lives. (The mothers didn't have the antibodies protecting the babies from Echo 11, a virus that most people get as children, thinking it's a cold.) It's awful that that 1 baby had to die, but he saved 5 other children's lives. It IS necessary sometimes, and there IS a point that experimenting is wrong, but we have a reason. We're not killing animals for the fun of it- we do it to hopefully save millions of lives in the future. That story is why I believe the doctor should continue to experiment to save thousands of Ingolstadtian lives.