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To work on my habit of mind, in science this week we had to build a circuit with our table partner. Instead of trying to do it all by myself and be the control freak, I let that person help me and try to do parts of it himself. I think that I am getting a lot better at my habit because all the group projects we have done lately I feel like I'm not doing all the work and on every group project I have done lately we have gotten 100 or better.

My volunteer experience: Rough Draft
In ECS this quarter we were assigned to volunteer for people and I cleaned up the front yard for my neighbor and cleaned the bathroom for my mom. There were many good things that I think came from this experience because I was able to help people that actually appreciated it. My neighbors are somewhat old and the man hurt his back so he couldn't clean the front yard and I knew it made him really happy that I did it for free which made me happy. Also, I felt really good about cleaning the bathroom because it made my mom excited to see it cleaned after she got home since she wasn't expecting it. Even though I really enjoyed the volunteering I thought there were some drawbacks, but they weren't that major. One was that when leaning down to pick up some pine cones, I put my hand in the grass and got stabbed by some thorns. Another thing was that is was pretty cold and it was on a day when we were supposed to have a day off of school. Since it made them happy it overpowered the drawbacks. I plan that when and if I become a pediatrician I will give back to the community in a few ways. One way would be that when I am working, I will donate to the salvation army. For example, if I have good clothes that don't fit I can take them there instead of throwing them out. I will also donate a lot of money to the make a wish foundation because I feel terrible for the kids with cancer and I want to do all that I can to help them. I think that overall my experience went really well because I am happy that I did the work and I was excited to do it. Cool ears Mr. A!
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While working in quest atlantis the three most important habits of mind to me were, thinking flexibly, persistence, and remaining open to continuous learning. I used persistence when trying to find the package, I didn't give up because if I would have I would have been stuck at that point in the mission. I used thinking flexibly when I finally found the package and looked inside to see the brain. I thought of possible reasons why it could have been there and what the doctor could use it for instead of simply just giving the doctor the package. The time I used remaining open to continuous learning was when learning about the sides of the story and what the doctor wants to do with his creation. I kept learning about information that wasn't nessecarily needed, but was still interesting. As I work through I always need to think flexibly and persist because sometimes QA can be tricky and it's challenging to find things. Also, you have to make good thoughtful decisions such as lying to the constable or not.
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1. The two doctors that invented the habits of mind were Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick, at the university of California. They invented them by looking at very successful people such as Bill Gates and pin pointed traits that each of them had they contributed to them being successful. They then looked at those traits and expanded on what each of them were and found ways how people can better practice them and make them one of their habits.
2. Working Interdependtly is an important habit to me because it's very important to know how to get along with people and how to work better with them. I know that when I grow up and get a job there will be people that I need to work with and I will need to be able to get along with them and not do all the work. I will need to be able to take a step back and let them be problem solvers.
Persistence is another important habit to me because if you never try, you will never succeed. If you keep trying you will eventually get somewhere and I know that you have to do that a lot on things such as homework. If people always give up in life nothing will ever come because of it.
Thinking Flexibly is also an important habit to me because in certain situations once I set my mind it's set, which isn't always a good thing. I need to be able to think about things differently and interpret things different so then maybe I can change my opinion for the better. If people all thing in the same way they may never be able to interpret things differently which isn't good. Also, if you are willing to change your mind in the first place then you will become a better listener and a better problem solver.
Metacognate is a super important habit to me because if you think about your thinking then you can become a better learner. For example, if I'm in college and I know that I am a visual learner I will be able to adjust and learn better which would lead to me getting better grades. If we think about how think we will also be able to create better end products and be more successful in life.
Managing Impulsity is another important habit to me because having control over yourself is a very strong trait to have. If everyone is able to control themselves such as blurting out, everyone will be able to work and learn better. Self control is very important for everyone to have so that places can be kept calm and relaxed and everyone will be able to have a better life experience.
3. The habit of mind that I feel I need to work on the most is Working interdepently because when I'm in groups I often feel that I am doing all the work because I don't trust that others are going to do their work; or do it right. I am going to work on improving this habit by when I'm in groups taking a step back and letting other try and figure out how they are going to get it done. I will also try to motivate others to learn and get their part done. I will somewhat force them to do their part by not doing it for them. If I don't practice this rule right then I will write an eleven sentence paragraph about why I didn't work on it.

The habit of mind that I needed to work on was thinking/working interdependtly. One way I practiced that was in math class on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. On Monday and Tuesday we took a partner test which meant I needed to work with another person to get the right answers. Instead of doing all the work myself I started out by saying I'm not sure how to do this, do you know how? That then forced them to try to work the problem on their own. On another problem I said let's talk about this first then try to solve it together. I'm not sure how we did on the test but it was pretty easy so I'm sure we got an A. Another time I practiced my habit was in science when we did a group project. Instead of taking charge and trying to control everything I let others help and contribute their equal part, we ended up getting 100 so it was successful.
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Slime street 333Saskatchewan Canada, 894042-7-12Dear mom,I just got back from the Tavern and learned about the two sides of the story about what to do with the doctor's creation. First of all, the doctor created this "monster" that he wants to test on to see if he can help solve the plague and maybe find the cure. Stan thinks they should be able to test on the monster because after all, the creation is too dangerous to be set free and it's not human so it doesn't have human rights. On the other hand, Gene thinks that the doctor should not be able to run tests on the creation because the doctor is crazy, and he has no legal rights to experiment on the monster. I hope you are now more informed on the doctor's creation and what the community thinks you should do with it.Love with all my heart,Kati
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I strongly agree that the doctor should be able to experiment on the creation for countless reasons. One reason being that he created it and it's his choice what to do with it; people can try to persuade him but overall it's his choice. Also, the dangerous may be to dangerous to set free, although it might not be but it may be too much of a risk to take. Another reason I agree is that because while others say the doctor isn't our only hope nobody else is stepping up to do it so he might very well be. Gene said it's against the law for him to do it, but as far as I know it's not against the law because there is no law about it. The plague is destroying Ingolstadt they need to find a cure and I bet most people would rather have some creature that doesn't have real feelings. Lastly it isn't actually human nor does it have human rights so it can be used for the good of the community. You have to ask yourself the question, would you rather have your family and thousands of people and friends die, or a monster?
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After reading the article about the mice I had no trouble picking a side, that being that the mice should be able to stay in their current cages. First of all, I looked at the facts that the McGlaughlin center had one of which being that the mice breed better when the dad is with them. Also, that usually during the day all the mice pile in the corner anyways so they aren't actually using the space provided. They also said that in order to change it would cost at least 1 million dollars which could be used in other things such as new tests and experiments instead of cages. Second, I agree with using mice as experiments because yes they are living too, but they only live for about two years and if they are already getting old it's better to have a small animals die than a human. That being said I also agree with Stan that they should be able to do experiments on the creature who isn't human to save the town. Some people think that it's unfair to test on animals which it is, but you have to think if your mother was sick most would say have the mouse die instead of her. In conclusion, I think the change is unessecary and I understand how McGlaughlin said, " If there were facts, we would change." but the people are trying to get them to do this aren't giving them facts. In my opinion from what I have learned, there aren't really reasons to upgrade to new bigger containers. Also, you have to think that they are just mice who are going to be possibly killed anyways why would you try to make their short life better when they aren't even going to utilize the space.As you can see I strongly agree with one side and I have powerful reasons for my choice.
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