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This is what i had to do to improve my weak habit of mind.
I did nothing and i don't like thinking flexibly so now i am going to choose a different one. My new one is thinking interdependently Because i hate working in groups because i like using my ideas and colors and designs so i am going to try to remember to work on that habit of mind.

This is my volunteer experience.

For my E.C.S. class I had to do 5 hours of volunteer work. So I helped my mothers colleague, Laura, at the airport with the dollar car rental place. She works there just for a little extra cash. The first thing i had to do was help her clean cars. I had to clean a little ford truck and another car i don't know what it was called. Laura cleaned the other two cars. After we finished cleaning them all in the garage we had to take them through the car wash. It was alright going through the car wash except for two cars. One of the cars we leaned on the window button and the window was cracked so my little sister and i got a bit of a shower because she was sitting on my lap. We rolled up the window and sat there kind of wet a bit of a lot on the right side. The lights turn off about one minute after you go through, well, we went through too quickly and the lights shut off right when we started going through. They don't turn back on though so we had to go through it in the dark. After that we went inside to wait for walk ups because no one had a reservation. Nobody rented a car all night so we both got to take a nap pretty much the rest of the time it took until she went home. I played on the computer for about an hour then i took a nap. We finished at midnight. I felt that i only helped Laura but at least i did something for someone. I really enjoyed it but it took a long time to sit there and pretty much do nothing. But that was what i did to volunteer.

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Quest Atlantis Habit Of Mind the PERSISTING,THINKING FLEXIBLY, and METACOGNATING habits are the best and most often used in Quest Atlantis. These are all the ones i use most often. Persisting is important because if you don't try to get somewhere in the quest and you can't so you give up you aren't going to get any lumins or finish any quests. Thinking flexibly is important because you cannot finish any quests if you don't try to think in different types of ways. Metacognating because you have to think about thinking because you have to write lots of personal thoughts in paragraphs to people you care about.
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1.the habits of mind were made a long time ago in the 80's in a science testing lab...By Dr.Costa and Dr. Kallick...They were created from really smart and high up people...they were habits that their minds possessed.
2.Metocognating,I love thinking about thinking because I like to be smart and intelligent.
Finding humor, I love life to be humorous because there is nothing better than laughing...I actually think that it cures me because everyone i know pretty much has told me I'm either funny or funny looking or both.
Persisting, I don't like to give up because then you don't get somewhere in life so i have to Try and continue until i get it just good enough or perfect.
Thinking Flexibly,I love trying new ideas but sometimes i just like to stick with the same way of doing something...but if there is an easier way i will try it.
Taking responsible risks, I love going places i shouldn't as long as i know i wont get tooooooooo in trouble or maybe no trouble at all.
3.Thinking interdependently, I hate working in groups personally i think they kind of suck...But i am just not patient enough so i will try to be a little more patient.
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I strongly agree that the doctor should continue.
1.It is apparently the only way to save Ingolsadt from the plague.
2.If its not human it doesn't have rights and you can kill it.
3.If we don't save Ingolsadt from the plague more and more kids and adults will catch the plague, killing everyone off.

external image yes.PNG external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRU8CedN6nFLV0cyTiw8a03xomHUBj2ZcSGXxuyH2ZH2VtILItDMQtR7Nj2

Well Doctor frank has created a human, monster like organism so that he can find a solution to the plague and cure everyone up. I have two friends one says that they should trust Doc hes the only hope and the other says that they shouldn't they are more hopes. But i agree with both and i need more evidence so i am going to continue searching.
Love you mom,
Your daughter
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