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Human impact on populations

~Habitat Destruction
  • Destroys land-to be used for houses, offices, buildings, etc.
  • Animals are forced to move but other places already have animals so there is not enough food water or shelter if they stay they die.
  • Spray chemicals
    • Destroys bugs, mold etc.
    • The chemicals get in to the water and soil killing other animals.
    • Birds and mammals that eat poisoned bugs will die or other.
~ Food and Fashion Industry

  • Some animals are just hunted for certain body part to the point of extinction.
    • Ex. Shark fins
  • Animal furs in clothing
    • Such as coats boots, scarves, etc.

~Deforestation Impact on Populations
  • The extinction rate of today may be 1,000 to 10,000 time’s biological normal.
  • Extinction rate of 1-10 species per year.
  • Many small mammals live “on the edge”.
    • Deforestation keeps pushing them backwards and destroying valuable food sources.

~Bad Side effects
  • When a unique species becomes extinct so does a unique set of genes which had been adapting for millions of years that now can never be harnessed for human use.
  • David Quammer says “The educational guess is that each species of plant supports 10-30 species of dependent animals. Eliminate 1 species of insect and you may have destroyed the sole pollinator for a flowering plant; when that plant consecutively vanishes, so may another 29 species of insects that rely on that for food; each of those 29 species might be an important parasite upon still another species of insect, a pest, which when left uncontrolled by parasitism will destroy further whole populations of trees.
Funkify Yourself
external image funky.jpg
I put this monkey on because monkies
are amazing, funky, and wicked.
external image funk.jpg
I put this image on ,because what better way to
represent funky than the word funky in a funky manner.
external image Funky_Music_detail.gif
I put his one on because this is wicked hair and it reminds me of Mr. A
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSYdBWeENbA5xCQCWF_WbXrLXRIqR39wSXEdlsM5FlVRpFv_rxG0OKmjAuypw
I put his one on because worms are totally Grooby.

You just got yourself funkified.