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3/9/12 my week habit of mind
This week I interviewed two people about their job to work on talking clearly. It went very well and I actually kind of enjoyed it.

2/29/12 My volunteer experience
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This quarter in ecs we were doing volunteer work for our legacy project. I cleaned the Hearing Aid Institute property for my project. To start, there were many drawbacks and benefits of cleaning for them. One of the drawbacks was that there were a lot of drunk people walking through trying to talk to my brother and I. They'd come up to us and start talking and would keep getting closer to us so we walked to our car to get away from them. However, one of the many benefits is I got to spend some time together before he leaves home. Also, some of the other benefits were to see how we affected everyone who works there. We cleaned the parking lot which made it so the people in the front of the building don't have to look at a bunch of gross trash. We also cleaned where the people in the back of the building take their break so they have a cleaner place to sit outside. Last, I plan to give back to the community in a few ways when I get older. I plan to do more volunteer work as I get older. I also will donate my time to help people who are less fortunate. All in all, I believe that my volunteer experience was amazing.

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The three most important habits in QA

The three most important habits of mind to use in Ingolstadt are applying past knowledge, because you have to be able to tell people facts you already know and persuade them about different things,thinking and communicating, you have to ask a lot of questions and think about who you want to support and tell others about who you support, and taking responsible risks, you need to talk to people and look at things that could potentially be risky but you might need that info.

external image habits-rope1.jpg&sa=X&ei=cKs-T_GoB4LZiQLRpaS7AQ&ved=0CAwQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNH7LqlB7VZQws05xQ2U3dTO1-WqXA
1) Dr. Casta and Dr. Kallick studied the characteristics of successful people. They were at CSU (California State University), and they called the characteristics of these successful people the habits of mind.
2) Striving for accuracy- because if you never worked hard to reach your goals you wouldn't get any where in life
Applying past knowledge- because many times the mistakes you make in the past show you how to do something now
Finding humor- because if you don't laugh about little things than life won't be fun like its supposed to be
Taking responsible risks- its important to take risks but if they aren't responsible then you could put yourself or others in danger or cause problems for everyone
Thinking interdependently- most jobs require you to work as a group and if you can't work well with others then you might not get the job
3) I am not very good at thinking and communicating- to help get better with this I will work with others more often and talk to people I usually don't talk to. l

I have been talking to people I normally don't talk to and I have also been the head of production so I have to talk loud and sternly. It has been working for me and I will continue doing it.

Mr. A is a cartoon

I am not sure what side I'm on. I am leaning toward letting the doctor continue experimenting on the creation for the following reasons. First, it would be saving the lives of many. Also, the creation was man made, or unnatural. However, I might not agree to let him keep experimenting though because of the creation being a living thing.

letter to mom:

Dear Mom,
I am fine. I have been getting a lot of info about the problems here. Some of the people have been telling me what they thought about Dr. Frank's experiment. It turns out that Dr. Frank has created creature. On one side, half of the town belives that Dr. Frank's experiment is the only hope and that they should trust him. On the other side, about half of the town thinks that they shouldn't trust Dr. Frank, and that he is not their only hope. I do not have a hole lot of infermation about everything that is going on, so I don't know what side to agree with yet.

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