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2-13-11 Should the Doctor Be allowed to Experiment

I might agree that the doctor should be allowed to continue for the following reasons. One reason is that I think that if the death of one mouse could save the life of a loved one or hundreds of people I would make that sacrifice.I would choose my family over a mouse.On the other side I believe that all life is precious. I think that even a small mouse has as much right to life as we do.I mostly think that it is okay to be experimenting on the mice but a part of me doesn't believe that.


2-17-11 Habits of Mind

The habit of mind were created by Dr. Kallick and Dr. Costa. They studied successful people like Bill Gates and Opra and found what was in common with them and from that they came up with the habits of mind.
I think that managing impulsivity is important because it will keep people from thinking you are annoying and rude. If you just say everything that you think then people will not like you because they probably think that you 't control yourself. I think that it is really important have self control and to think before you act.
I think that finding humor is really important to have a great life. It can change a bad or negative situation into a good or positive one. It can relive stress and improve the quality of life. I think that being able to look at something and see the good in it is very important.
Responding with wonderment and awe is important because it sets us apart from rocks. When we see some amazing then we should show so our emotions toward it. It is also a great way to be nice because if you show how much you liked something somebody did then they think you are nice.
Thinking flexible is important because sometime if you think of things the way everyone else does you won't get the right answer. You just have to look at things other ways so you can see all the possibilities. I definietly think you to think flexibly if you want to be a successful person.
I think it is really important to persist. People that give up easily are babies and won't go far in life. You have to not give up even if it gets hard because other wise you are a quiter and quiters get nothing.
I am the worst at persisting, when things get hard I just give up. I hate that about me, I need to be stronger. I will persist this quarter in ECS. When I get frustrated I will just keep going, I won't let anything stand in my way and I will persist.
I have done a pretty good job persisting. The only thing that I haven't done is Quest Atlantis at home. I don't really enjoy it at all so I just haven't done it even though I should be because I am behind. I need to make myself do it even if it is just a half hour a day. If I do that then I will be good at persisting.
3-9-12 I have done a crappy job persisting lately. I haven't even thought about it and I haven't really even been on Quest Atlantis. In the next week I will go on Quest Atlantis and finish the mission I am on.
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2-24-12 Three Habits of Mind Used in Ingolstadt

I think the three most helpful habits of mind are thinking flexibly, listening with understanding and empa;thy, and applying past knowledge to new situations. I think it is important to think flexibly because we need to think hard and in many different ways to help solve the problems there. Listening with understanding and empathy is so important because without thinking like the people there would there is no way I could solve the problems the way they want me to. I need to think about want they want. I also need to apply past knowledge to new situations a lot in Ingolstadt. Quite often in Quest Atlantis when you learn something, later on you will have to use that information. The habits on mind are used all the time in Ingolstadt.
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2-29-12 Volunteer Project

This quarter in ECS I volunteered at 4-H for the Meals-on Wheels project. We made cookies and packaged them up to be sent to the people that use the Meals-on-Wheels services. I spent about an hour doing this. One benefit I gained from this is knowing that I helped make the cookies that the elder people in our town received to eat for dessert. We also prepared the hot cocoa for them. I am glad that they were able to have some cocoa and cookies for lunch that day. Another benefit was having fun doing it. I really enjoyed making the cookies with four other kids and my mom was the leader that was teaching us. I had the pleasure of meeting people I never would have met without doing that volunteer work. In the future I plan to give back by continuing to be active in 4-H and doing lots of other community volunteering. 4-H has a lot of great opportunities and I enjoy it so that is how I plan to continue volunteering. I have had great experiences volunteering for Wheels-and Meals and hope to continue doing things like this it was really fun.
Mr. Agamenoni you rock and are my favorite teacher teaching me in second period this quarter :)
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3-15-11 News Story Introduction

Have you even wondered what it would be like to be a environmental scientist? Well I have and I am here reporting for KRTV news
My name is Haley Darlinton and I went to the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks department to discover what it is like to be a environmental scientist. I interviewed Kqyn Kuka to get all the latest news, here's what she had to say:)