This is assignment sheet

In Class
Monday Feb. 6th
Learn how to navigate and place a navigation bar on your homepage. Mr. A demonstrated how to make a new page, how to add links, and to tag the pages
Make your homepage look funky- due Friday
Tuesday Feb. 7th
Play Quest Atlantis, do not go on to Ingolstadt mission three. After you write the letter to mom you must play other missions until the class catches up.
Make your homepage look funky, wicked, or epic- due Friday
Wednesday Feb. 8th
*Learn how to do wiki feedbacks and link to a message you send
*Finish Ingolstadt until you reach the letter to mom and then you stop.
*Write a blog post about the news article on the Ingolstadt page about the mice and the McGlaughin research center. It must be about if you are for or against (Pro- mice or Pro- McGlaughin) the research of the mice. It also is about how does this prompt relate to the Ingolstadt mission. You then, if you are not done, finish making your homepage look nice.
1. Make your homepage look funky
2. Find examples of somewhere or something that need or might ask for help (open your eyes)
Thursday Feb. 9th 2012
Go over homework with Mr.A, define volunteering with your table partner.
Answer this question on your volunteer page: Why would someone volunteer if they don't get paid. Share the answer with the class and Mr. A. For examples follow the link: Copy from directions to what needs to be done in the community by the link and fill it in.
Funky homepage due tomorrow!
Friday Feb 10th, 2012
Review Yesterday
Volunteer table on wiki on legacy wiki copy from guidelines to the end of the table. place it on your page
Volunteer log
Go over Guidelines
Figure out what the awesomeist page is in your class
1.) Letter to mom due on Monday
2.) Volunteer due on Feb 29th
3) Volunteer planning due the 15th (wednesday)
Monday Feb 13, 2012
Decided with table partner what: Does the End Justify the Mean?" means
make a T chart of the pros and cons that Stan and Gene said in Quest Atlantis
Volunteer planning chart due the 15th
Tuesday Feb 14, 2012
Work on Quest Atlantis
Talk about Pro/ Cons of Dr. Frank
Go to quest atlantis and retrieve your letter to Mom, copy and paste in a blog post
Planning chart due tomorrow
Wednesday Feb 15, 2012
take the rate your habit of mind survey from Mr.A
Write ( on the habits of mind page with your period #) in the strengths and weaknesses discussion post. Tell Mr. a your strengths and weaknesses. Also use information from the orange sheet. Work on Quest atlatis
Thursday Feb 16th, 2012
Start working on defining and identifying the habits of mind on your periods habit of mind page.
When finished work on the wikimail Mr. A sent, answer the three questions and remember your answers
Finish the three questions
habits of Mind test tomorrow
Friday Feb 17th, 2012
Study for Quiz for 5 min
Take Quiz on blog post
grade your own quiz based on habit of mind wikimail
Work on Quest Atlantis
listen to Mr. A's volunteer discussion
volunteer for a morning, afternoon, or evening
Tuesday Feb 21st, 2012
Katie Stukey!
Wednesday Feb, 22nd, 2012
Create career page planing table. Make your career choice your heading, search it in google and find the wikipedia page for your career field. copy the link and then go back to your career page. Then link your heading to that url you copied. Then insert table with 2 columns with 5 rows. Like this:'s+career+page.
All career things due the 25
remember: your stories must be interesting!!!

Find a person to interview, that is in your subject.
Career news story due the 25th of March
Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Sub day, work on Quest Atlantis and when the last ten minutes come answer wikimail in blog.
Finish wikimail/blog post
Friday, February 24th, 2012
Went to Quest Atlantis and filled in blog post on three most important Habits of Mind in Quest ATlantis
Career story, volunteer work due 29th
Monday, February 27th, 2012
Practice interviewing with a buddy, as questions about hobbies and save them to you z drive
volunteering due Wednesday
Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
On Quest Atlantis we took a class picture, line danced, and discussed volunteering
tied up lose ends on wikis
volunteering due tomorrow
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
Work on blog post 11 sentence paragraph about your volunteering you did
See below
March 1, 2012
On your blog page,read blog entries and finalize draft
Career stories. Find and record the interview, preferably, before March 6th and 7th. Also, finish your rough draft of volunteer work.
Friday March 2
Work on Quest Atlantis and play with movie maker
Monday March 5
play with movie maker explore... Quest Atlantis
Career news story due 20th
Tuesday March 6
Katie Kotynski!
March 7
Katie Kotynski - Using Movie Maker
March 8
Go through Rubric...Story Board and Narration instructions...see click me
We also talked about how Mr. A is a buddhachristianhinduslamic/athiest..... how is that possible you ask? Anything is possible with God!
Story Board is due on Tuesday March 13
March 9
work on habit of mind weakness progress in a blog post. Then work on Quest Atlantis

Monday 12
Work on Quest Atlantis

tueday 13
Sub day work on quest atlantis and movie maker

wednesday 14
Same as above

thursday 15
work on movie maker introduction

March 16
begin body sections of Movie Maker Project...getting ready for STEM Expo...looking at the rubric

March 19
Continue Body clips...file management...HOM Review...What are you doing to improve in your Week to improve it...commitment to the coming week...