This is the study guide for the test on Friday

Hi, its me,_, One of my weaker habits of mind was _. To improve on it this past week I . It helped me because _ .During the quarter I learned ___about the habits of mind.

Hi it's me, Alex (Also know as Houtz) One of my weaker Habits of Mind was Thinking Flexibly. To improve on it last week, I tried to listen to others and see how they saw the argument or conversation. It helped me because I am now able to think better and avoid arguments more. For example, at lunch, I tried to listen extremely hard to the other people at my table that I talk with and try not to argue with them. I tried to see how they viewed the subject that we were talking about. During the quarter, I learned many things about the Habits of Mind. I learned that they can make you or break you in the future. They certaintly will get you far in life and get you a very good job because of your amazing, spectacular, valuable, interesting, important, and some very awesom skills. It really will help you future job skills. Thinking Flexibly will help you find the very best solution that you can get. Mr. A, you have amazing goatee hairs.

  • Hey Alex its me Tommy, i think the way that you have worked on your habit of mind is awesome and i have trouble with that too

  • Hi , its me matthew bourgeau, i think that is cool that you have chose this habit of mind because i think a lot of people need to work on this one including me!!!! :)

  • Hi, it's me, Roya Blake. I liked how your habit of mind was thinking flexibly. I really need to work on that one! I will improve on this HOM this week by trying to see other's point of view, and let them try to make sense of what they are saying before I try to accuse them of something.

Hi, it's me, Matthew Bourgeau, One of my weaker habits of mind is Striving for Accuracy i had trouble doing this because i do not like to double check my work. To improve on it last week i doubled check my homework and did not do the minum amount of work possible. It helped me because i figured out i got 3 answers wrong and if i did not double check it, i would have got those 3 wrong. During the quarter i learned that the Habits of Mind are characteristics of a person that successfull people have. I also learned the Habits of Mind at the beginning of the year i did not know that their was such a thing as the Habits of Mind.

  • Hola Matt it is Tommy Croskrey, i have like that you have worked on your habit of mind and I have sorta the same habit of mind weakness i dont always double check my work and i some time miss my work.

  • Hi its me Mckinley. I can relate because I wouldn't double check my work and I would miss points for tiny mistakes such as a mispelled or a misplaced negative sign. I liked how you tried not to do just the minimum amount of work and really tried you hardest with the most effort!

Hi, its me, Helena Allison. One of my weaker habits of mind was striving for accuracy. To improve on it last week I double-checked my work and projects to make sure it was to the best of my ability. During the quarter I learned about ALL of the habits of mind and where they came from. I also learned just how important they are to our future and our present. Not to mention how much I actually use these HOM in my everyday life.

  • Hi its me Mr. A, I like how you worked on this habit of mind. It is one I need to work on as well. this week I will improve in this area or on this hom by___

  • Hi its me matthew b i also need to work on this habit of mind.

Hi, it's me, Roya Blake. One of my weaker Habits of mind was finding humor in things. I worked on this by thinking of past embarrassing things that were not very funny for me at the time, and try to find something funny about it, and laugh about it. It has really helped me to stop worrying about things, and find something to laugh about that wasn't funny in the first place. It has also helped me, because then I am taking my life one step at a time, and not freaking out about the future. During the quarter, I learned that the habits of mind really help you in life, and makes you a better person. It is really nice to live the habits of mind, and I can guarentee you that if you live the habits of mind for just one week, you will greatly benefeit from that, and it will help you do better in life. I also learned about how the habits of mind came to be. They were discovered by two doctor. Dr. Kallick, and Dr. Costa. they interviewed very successful people, and found things that they used that really benefeited them, and how that helped them in life. These habits of mind are very helpful in life, and will greatly impact yourself.

Hi it me, Tommy , one of my weaker habit of mind was working interdepently. To improve on this habit of mind I started to work in groups during my math class and I didn't tell that they were wrong, maybe once i did but i was right. Another habit of mind i have to work on is taking responsible risks, because I dont like rasing my hand and speaking in front of the class so for this week i will work on taking responsible risk. I havn't really worked on it that much. It helped me because I think these habit of mind will help me work in grou[ better and talk out in class more often. During this quarter i have learen that the habit of mind was a list of charcterics of very successful people and it was made by Dr. Calic and Dr. Costa.

  • Hi, it's me, Veronica Smith. I think it is cool how you worked on this habit of mind. It is one i am working on also. I've always disliked working in groups and it is hard sometimes. I hope you are successful. I am trying to work in groups in class more to prosper from other ideas.

  • Hi, it's me, Dan Enseleit. I like how you worked on this habit of mind. It is one I need to work on as well. This week I will improve in this area or on this HOM by working in groups with other people and not doing all the work and letting other people do some stuff. I have a problem with having to have everything perfect in my view so it will be hard for me. I will also be working on managing impulsivity by doing this, too.

  • Hi, its me Helena Allison. I have to work on taking responsible risks and I am by auditioning for the Main Announcer position in the ACTS Talent Show.

  • Ciao, it's me Alex Houtz. I also need to work on this Habit of Mind (HOM). I do need to work interdependently. I like how you dealt with this HOM. The other one you have, taking responsible risks, is one that I need to work on too. It is a hard one to do because many people want absolute security about things. I have a hard time with this one, so I am going to stop being so nervous about making a mistake or doing something wrong and try something new. This might be the way that I can finally come out of my safe little shell that I have stayed in for a very very very very long time.

Hi, its me, McKinley Moore. One of my weaker habits of mind was Striving for Accuracy. To improve on it this week I will double check all over my work and read the questions before I read a passage so that I know what I am looking for. It helped me because it made my Movie Maker project clear and easier to understand and so that my grades can improve to be without little mistakes. During the quarter I learned a variety of things about the Habits of Mind and how they are important in some people's lives. If these habits have helped famous people become very successful, I know that it can help me succeed later throughout not only my career but my social life.

  • Hi, its me, Helena Allison. I also have to work on striving for accuracy and I have by double-checking my work.

Hi, it's me, Veronica Smith. One of my weaker habits of mind was working interdependently. To improve on it this week I read in groups in English and volunteered to be a tutor everyday after school except on Wednesdays. It helped me by showing how much you can learn from other people, and how to work together to solve a problem. During the quarter I learned how to be open to other ideas and many different ways of thinking. I learned how to be aware of the habits of mind in everyday actions. I now know how to identify these successful habits and use them to accomplish ideas and beliefs. I didn't know about the habits of mind before I came to this class and I am thankful I know about them now.

Hi, it's me, Dan Enseleit. One of my weaker habits of mind is Finding Humor. To improve in it this week I laughed at every funny mistake I made even if it hurt and other people laughed at me, too. It helped me by showing that I can laugh at myself and I'm not a super serious person all the time. During this quarter I learned how the habits of mine can help you do well in school because they teach you how to take risks, work well with other people, and think well independently. That's what . learned about the Habits of Mind.

  • Hi, its me, Helena Allison. I have become VERY good at this because I mess up so much that it just is my personality now. B.t.w. mind is spelled wrong :)

Habit of Mind
People that have it as a strength
People that have it as a weakness
Picture that represents definition
Persisting is when a person doen't give up on a problem he or she keeps on trying and trying and trying.
Matt Versuh
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRL4iwh0ztQka_jQPqCUOtd-Zi9ogDa9t4yxakeAN6XPb_4ejE6ohmnHS6_lQ
Managing Impulsivity-
Managing Impulsitivity is like when you save up to buy a toy that you want and not buying something else because it seems better at the time but in the long run its not worth it.

external image money-in-piggy-bank.jpg
Listening with understanding
and empathy-
People that have the ability to listen to another person and to understand the other persons point of view. They are able to paraphrase the other persons ideas and feelings with ease. They listen to what is beneath the other persons words and matches their energy to them. They are able to listen to their own thoughts and ideas while listening to the other at the same time.

Matt Versuh
external image empathy-scalable-jeremy-rifkin_large.jpg
Thinking flexibly-
People that are able to put their knowledge into a new system with ease. They show confidence and can tolerate confusion with new ideas. They can have different points of view on different topics and fit their ideas and relate to new ones. They trust themselves and shift through different ways of doing things and enjoy it.
Tommy K.
Alex Houtz
external image Thinking-BIG-Mind-Map-1200px.gif
Thinking about you thinking
thinking about one owns mental processes or knowing about knowing. This means that you should you about what your talking about.

external image metacognition-300x190.jpg
Striving for accuracy-
Is good ok for you? Succesful people will say no because they double check their work and do the best they can possibly do. Therefore you should double check all your work whether its just checking your homework or a test. It pretty much means think before you act.
Roya Blake,
Alex Houtz

external image accuracy_hom.png
Questioning and problem posing-The people who do this know what questions to ask to find out the information that they need to know.

external image free-poster-wh7a7uiykk-QUESTIONING-&-POSING-PROBLEMS.jpg
Applying past knowledge to
new situations-
They use information gained in their past that they use for their new problem to solve in the time they need it.

Thinking and communicating
with clarity and precision-
to be specific about what you're saying, meaning not to use words like stuff, they, junk, whatever, everyone, more, and do. These words are imprecise and non-descriptive that do not tell you anything about what you are saying. You should be more descriptive and use direct, specific, and accurate language.

Gather data through all senses-
you use all of your senses to gather as much information as possible and to open up all of you sensory pathways to access much more accurate information than those who just use their eyes and ears. If you use all your senses to get information, then it is easier to see interconnections between all of the things you observe. You should not be afraid to get your hands dirty or taste something new and exotic.

Creating, imagining, and innovating-
you create solutions that are out of the ordinary or different. You use your imagination to view problems from many perspectives and angles. Usually when people are using this skill, they start at the end and think backwards or put themselves in place of the object that is being considered.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSkAqCKkldedLbnUzAfJvpobBvxbVbYlNk4khqBEAtlnZ4Qn9A9R2C1spOh
Responding with wonderment
and awe-
With responding with wonderment and awe, you make a problem for yourself so you can challenge yourself and then share with others. Many people who carry this trait are very independent learners and solvers.

Taking responsible risks

Roya Blake

Finding humor

Tommy K, Veronica

Thinking interdependently-
one person enjoys working and thinking in a group. It means that a successful person works and thinks with a group of people, putting many ideas into one mixing pot, and coming up with one idea. This really makes people successful because it shows them a different way to think, a different way to react to things.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSCT2dvOOK4x74wRThVrvPsF_FAvywYi8G1OG9r8gCKMPzB3COh
Remaining open to continuous
To always stay open to new things to learn. To always be able to reflect on new things in life. It is being able to keep you mind open for new possibilities in life.

external image open.png