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My favorite quote

Favorite book/movie combo
A Very Potter Musical....

I feel a little guilty about not having a violin video on here too so.... here you go:

Hunger Games! Some of my favorite books
My musical inspirations!
Internet gang that gets rid of annoying internet trolls...
Alex reads Twilight... almost funnier than A Very Potter Musical....HUUUUUUUUHH!! I FORGOT TO BREATHE!!!!


1.) The 16 habits of mind were developed by doctors Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick at ASCD when they studied successful people and picked out the 16 most important habits that they practiced.

2.) I think that the 5 most important habits of mind are
1. Persisting- if we don't continue to work, we cannot succeed.
2. Thinking flexibly- if you can at least TRY to agree with people and see their side, then you can get along with people really well.
3. Thinking about thinking METACOGNATING- if we learn how we learn, then there's almost no limit to what we can learn.
4. Taking responsible risks- if you are the smartest person in the world yet you won't take risks, you can't succeed at all.
5. Remaining open to continuous learning- we need to be ready to learn no matter what!

3.) I need to remain open to continuous learning because sometimes I'm really reluctant to learn, and try to avoid people who unconsciously try to teach me. I will take every opportunity I can when someone tries to teach me something.