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I wanna be Dr. Maynard - ews Story

In ECS this quarter we were assigned to volunteer for people and I cleaned up the front yard for my neighbor and cleaned the bathroom for my mom. There were many good things that I think came from this experience because I was able to help people that actually appreciated it. My neighbors are somewhat old and the man hurt his back so he couldn't clean the front yard and I knew it made him really happy that I did it for free which made me happy. Also, I felt really good about cleaning the bathroom because it made my mom excited to see it cleaned after she got home since she wasn't expecting it. Even though I really enjoyed the volunteering I thought there were some drawbacks, but they weren't that major. One was that when leaning down to pick up some pine cones, I put my hand in the grass and got stabbed by some thorns. Another thing was that is was pretty cold and it was on a day when we were supposed to have a day off of school. Since it made them happy it overpowered the drawbacks. I plan that when and if I become a pediatrician I will give back to the community in a few ways. One way would be that when I am working, I will donate to the salvation army. For example, if I have good clothes that don't fit I can take them there instead of throwing them out. I will also donate a lot of money to the make a wish foundation because I feel terrible for the kids with cancer and I want to do all that I can to help them. I think that overall my experience went really well because I am happy that I did the work and I was excited to do it. Cool ears Mr. A!


My top three skills and interests
My top three interests were enterprising, social, and investigative
My top three skills are Mathematical, Interpersonal, and Leadership.

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Questions you can find out on your own via research
I found out that you have to take at least 12 years of school after highschool to become a pediatrician. I also found out that it's very hard to get into medical school. Colleges recommend that when in high school you should take 4 years of english, science and math. The outlook for pediatricians is "very good." The average money I would make a year is 154, 370 dollars.
To prepare yourself you should spend lots of time around little kids and you will need to take biology, chemistry, and physics.
You have to take lots of math and calculus, but in an interview a doctor says that he doesn't have to use it in his everyday life, usually just quick mental math. It's also very important to know that statistics and be able to calculate those in your head very quickly.

Questions before interview
1. How hard was it for you to get into medical school and where did you go?
2. What ages to you prefer to examine and why?
3. Why did you choose to become a pediatrician?
4. What was the hardest part about college and medical school?
5. What's the hardest part about your job?

Questions during interview

Video shots I will get