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This is my Grooby table!

This page is going to be very Grooby and you will have fun as you look at it!

external image groovy.jpg

First of all, my favorite soda is Vanilla Coke, if you drink it you will beGrooby!

external image CokeVanilla.png

Second, disco balls are my favorite decoration, they really jazz up a room and make it Grooby!

external image wild_hair_singer_dancer_silhouette_on_disco_ball_poster-r627d81737c544a3c9eae623d8f7dafaf_vk5h_400.jpg

Third, volleyball is my favorite sport in the whole wide world! It's a pretty Grooby! sport if I do say so

external image cartoon-volleyball-7.gif


Fourth, my favorite food is going to have to be cheesecake. I like all kinds but I prefer cherry or blueber

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQpcg8gTZc_u5FuM9kFv4yAIqf7wckOZIPCtrm9ZkyIxPXL0aqPOQ

ry, the two Groobiest kinds!

Fifth, I really like being a

GROOBY person because it makes life way more fun, especially when you get to wear tie-dye shirts!!!

external image swirlrainbowtee.jpg

Lastly, get GROOBY!!!!

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYQArkXi6dxuqQGaf2gUqURzOpIvPksmojltVQPOpwB23upepo