What does the word volunteer mean?

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Volunteering is taking YOUR OWN TIME and doing something that benefits someone else other than yourself in some way not being paid or receiving anything in return for whatever it is that you did.

Why volunteer?

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Good feeling warm and fuzzy, Help you look good in the eyes of others, gives you empathy/understanding for a person's suffering, helps change others lives, helps self-esteem, Make friends, Experience, it looks good on an application or on a resume', Keeps you out of trouble, sense of pride and accomplishment, It is fun, Might be good exercise, karma, make yourself look better, Meet new people, to get out of school, relieves stress



  • Cannot be something you are already doing...
  • It must be of benefit to someone else...
  • You must spend a minimum of 2-3 hours in the volunteer work you choose...
  • Volunteer Log is due on February 29th...if you volunteer after that...indicate when and where, with who, for who and what you volunteered to do on your volunteer log

Planning Table:
who I plan to volunteer for/person and/or organization

What I will say when I contact volunteer giver

When and Where I will volunteer

what i plan to do

what i actually did

Time I spent volunteering...dates and hours

compliment for Mr. A

Directions: Work with a partner and write down your ideas about problems and/or needs you have observed. Addressing one of these needs could become a volunteer project for you or you and your partner.

Things that need to be done and Needs of kids or teachers at our school

food drive, food pantry, teacher aides, school work help-tutor, find good friends-mentor, cleaning classrooms, clothing for people who cannot afford, school supplies deal, teacher may need dog walked/fetch with, cleaning trash, organize bookshelves,gum scraper, help special need kids, help with student gov. fundraiser, run student store

Things that need to be done in your neighborhood:

clean trash, babysit children without pay, shovel a neighbor's sidewalk, Walking a neighbor's dog, Taking care of a neighbor's dog, cleaning up a neighborhood park, mowing a neighbor's lawn, raking and cleaning up leaves for a neighbor, washing a neighbor's car, House sit, bake cookies for neighbor, food drive for scouts,

Things that need to be done in your home, yard, or garage (without being asked):

dog poop clean up, clean house without asked, clean under beds, wash the dog, clean and organize the garage, clean bathrooms, vacuum, take out all the garbage, cook and prepare meals, help clean maintain vehicles, clean and organize shed, mow the lawn, take care of any animal, do the dishes, clean room, doing Laundry,

Things that need to be done in our community:

Knights of Columbus, retirement elder help, clean parks river's edge trail, garbage, girl scouts, clean up litter, nursing homes, children's museum of Montana, Rescue mission, community garden, clean up banks of river, Special Olympics, salvation army coaching or reffing, heisey youth center, local churches, food drive. fund raising for various charities or non profit organization, animal shelter, reduce re-use recycle, Make a Wish,.

  • Cannot be something you are already doing
  • It must be of benefit to someone else
  • You must spend a minimum of 5 hours in the volunteer work you choose

Why volunteer?
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A few suggestions:
  • CMOM
  • River's Edge Trail
  • Animal Shelter
  • ? - Brainstorm

Making your phone call or approaching your volunteer victim/recipient:
  • Introduce - tell why you are calling
  • Ask what you can do to help
  • Arrange time to conduct your volunteering activity
  • Have them fill out your Volunteer LOG
  • Thank them for the opportunity


United Way Organizations
Children's Museum of Montana

You need a signed paper that says something along the lines of:
volunteered and helped me for _ hours. Please describe what ___ did for you in the space below.